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This week was busy with many staff and constituent meetings plus committee meeting attendance.  I spent little time at my desk and have little documented worked to show for the time I’ve spent here this week.  The schedule and my understanding of the process grew this week.  I have enjoyed supporting this office and in exchange gaining knowledge and experience from those around me.  I find interesting the closed doors meetings and how they unfold on the floor of committee meetings.  I am surprised to see when staff whom are normally on the inside of issues, find themselves on the outside as they watch bills announced on the floor they have yet to see or hear about.  I am sure this is a regular occurrence, but for me to witness it was eye-opening.  I have had to opportunity to use my experience in this building to advocate for a victim of a violent crime and pass information onto the Attorney General,  Special Staff Assistants to the Governor, a Representative and another Senator.  This process was enlightening in that I thought the issue might be discarded and the concerns I raised about the way this case has been handled would not be taken seriously .  To my surprise, they all were receptive and genuinely concerned.  I actually got a few ideas on how specifically to support this particular individual and how it can help victims in the future.  In all professional enterprises I continually hope to make a sincere difference for the mission of the agency or a person.  I consider it a success if one person is help and no one is harmed.  Wow, I’m already getting sentimental, sorry fellow bloggers, I can get carried away at times.  Have a great weekend all.

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