Spring has sprung!

We here went yet another week of session and the tension is building and the capital budget and department close-out budgets are being heard.   There seems to be a consensus that a lot is riding on the oil and gas bills: HB 110 (the governor’s tax reform) and HB 9 the instate gasline.  The house is in the midst of a war and offices are getting short with each other.  The looming doom is when the house stops passing senate bills and the senate stop passing house bills.  There seems to be a rumor that nothing will pass unless the oil and gas items are taken care of.

There is definitely a bit of tug a war happening as each legislator is pushing for their personal legislation to move through the process.  We had a brainstorming meeting on how to pass the second verse of the Alaska flag song.  They’ve been trying since the 80s.  Also, today the bush caucus is meeting regarding redistricting, coastal zone management, and perhaps expanding the legislature to add a senate and two house seats.  Wow, this could be history in the making.

My world had stayed pretty steady with more citation and constituent meetings.  It’s gold medal week, so our office has a lot of visitors.  This week has also been busy for me personally, because of my daughter’s birthday.  She just turned five on the first day of Spring!  My mom, Claudette, and Ella came over. I made homemade pizza dough, and everyone put toppings on individual pizzas.  For dessert we had flourless chocolate cake and Ella brought agutuk from Kotlik, YUM!

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Hey! That’s Alberta Unok from Kotlik… cool…

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