The last days

Senator Kookesh, Mary Sattler, MA, Representative Joule

This week has been busy and full of dramatics. On Saturday night, as many members and staff of the Legislature were socializing and listening to music at the “Annual Bowling Awards” night the Senate’s version of the Capital Budget was released. This first release version was quite controversial and that lead to many closed door caucuses and eventually a re-write of the Senate’s Capital Budget. Many legislators, that we had not seen  all session, have begun to visit the boss and ask for his vote and support of their bills and projects. Tuesday, as I sat in for Kimberly as committee aide there was an ambitious schedule and the committee went through seven bills. It was quite interesting as there was a quick overview of many items from the house trying to get to the Senate floor. This was a flood gate of bills, as prior to that were not many house bills going through the Senate or Senate bills going through the House.  Now the Capital Budget is in the House and distrcts 5&6 have done quite well, conpaired to what they looked like last week.

This week was also the confirmation votes on the Governor’s appointments there were a few controversial appointments that got some press: Dr. David Eichler had on record some very racial comments on Rural Alaska Natives from 2006, and he pulled his name from Alaska Public Office Commission consideration. Mr. Lynn Keogh Jr. was up for a board of game appointment and was not confirmed because of the misrepresentation he had in front of one of the previous committees. And lastly Karl Johnstone because of his questionable state citizenship, although his confirmation passed.

And throughout all this the office has had quite its share of crises. A staff went to the emergency room, a staff brother-in-law passed away on the job, and a little brother hospitalized for a brain tumor. It’s been a miracle to make it all the way to Friday without further event!

Now we wait for the potential last day of session, likely to be April 15, 2012.

2 thoughts on “The last days

  1. Lena says:

    Wow, it sounds like you could transition from this position into writing screen plays for a new drama mini-series!

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